Re-Elect John Marchione for Mayor

A Vision for a Complete City for Every Generation

John Marchione Bio

I am pleased by Tuesday night’s election results. My opponent would need to win 70% of the outstanding votes to tie me. I’m proud I ran a positive, clean campaign that focused on the future of Redmond.

It is an honor to be re-elected and that the voters of Redmond believe in my experience and leadership to manage the unprecedented challenge of growth. The election results reinforce that the residents love Redmond and want us to proactively manage our future. While we are doing many things right, we still face challenges like North-South travel, aging recreation facilities and affordable housing. I look forward to engaging the Council and community to address these issues.

I thank Steve Fields for running for office. Anyone who runs for elected office deserves accolades for taking up the challenge.

If you are interested in seeing the current election results, please follow this link to the King County Elections website.

Thank you for your interest in my re-election campaign for Mayor. Creating a better community is why I am running again and need your support to win in November.  My overall vision for Redmond is a complete city where you can live for your whole life.

When my family moved to here in 1969, Redmond was a commuting suburb. Most men in my neighborhood drove to Boeing in the morning and came home at the same time each day. There were no choices in housing, transportation, and recreation. When your children grew up, you sold your house and moved elsewhere to downsize, because there were no condos and few apartments in Redmond.

When I ran for City Council twelve years ago, growth occurred on the City’s edges and our Downtown was hollow. Overlake was a sea of parking lots. Cleveland Street had a number of old, vacant buildings. Nobody walked. There was little reason to visit Old Town and Cleveland Street. We even had a one-block hole in the ground. Yes-a ten foot deep hole covering one city block.  The hole was created from the removal of contaminated soil from the old rail depot that had sat vacant since 1996.

Growth was occurring on our outskirts. This is the most environmentally damaging, street-clogging type of growth that could occur. I believed that Redmond shouldn’t remain the commuter town of 1970. Redmond should be its own community, with its own style and its own soul. Redmond is an international center of the technology world but we were managing growth like it was 1950. I knew Redmond could do better, so after four years as a Councilmember, I ran for Mayor.

In my first campaign I promoted a vision for creating two new neighborhoods, in Overlake and Downtown, preserving and connecting our existing neighborhoods, and building the infrastructure to improve our quality of life. The long-term goal was to allow more people to live near where they work.

When I began my administration, I laid out a plan to achieve this vision, which included creating additional parks, light rail stations, and pedestrian and bicycle pathways throughout our City. I stated that while this would take many years to accomplish, we needed to begin laying the groundwork to create vibrant, welcoming neighborhoods.

This vision is already coming true. We have added five new restaurants along Cleveland Street, purchased and developed the Redmond Central Connector, set aside 2.2 acres to build a downtown park, and secured two Sound Transit stations slated to open in the next eight years.

This strategy preserves the character of our single family neighborhoods, and offers affordable housing options and urban-style living opportunities in a way that effectively manages the growth we are required to accept. People are walking in our downtown and enjoying this vibrant, new neighborhood.

Developing these new, more urban neighborhoods allows us to create a Redmond for every generation. I have worked hard over the past eight years to earn your trust by delivering results.  My focus in the next four years will continue to be on maintaining an open, transparent government that is responsive to the priorities of its residents.  I will continue the progress in Downtown and Overlake while protecting our neighborhoods and the environment. I want to further the vision of building a complete city where we can live, work, and play throughout our whole life.

For my campaign to succeed, I need your help.  There are a variety of ways that you can become involved – by endorsing me, volunteering, making a donation, and spreading the word about why you want me to continue serving as your Mayor.  I hope you will take some time to read about my full vision for Redmond’s future, my accomplishments and my qualifications.